Halva is a confectionery eaten by Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European cultures. It is made from ground sesame and sugar. Variations include almond, pistachio, and chocolate. Try it with coffee or tea for a unique treat! 

Masago is an original fast-casual sushi concept. Created with the on-the-go Angeleno in mind, Masago uses sushi-bar quality, sustainably-sourced fish to make fully customizable rolls, and can be eaten in or taken to-go.

Laurel soap, better known as “Aleppo soap,” has been locally produced in Aleppo, Syria for centuries. Made only of olive oil and precious laurel oil, it is the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin and who prefer a pure, fragrance-free way to bathe.

Armenia Tree Project is a non-profit organization focused on reforestation efforts in Armenia, as well as helping boost rural communities by employing residents to plant and later sell produce.
Upon making a donation, each patron will receive this gift box of 3 seed packets to plant in their homes and schools. They are seeds of fruits with significant importance in the Armenian heritage.

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